Electromechanical Engineering Technology

Electromechanical Systems Engineering Technology

The Department Electromechanical Engineering Technology offers an electromechanical systems engineering technology program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree.

The electromechanical systems engineering technology program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET, https://www.abet.org , under the General Criteria, and the Program Criteria for Electromechanical Engineering Technology and Similarly Named Programs.

The electromechanical systems engineering technology major stresses the application, design and integration of mechanical and thermofluid systems with electronics and control systems. The program emphasizes on principles of statics, dynamics, strength of materials, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, HVAC, machine elements, manufacturing systems and processes, engineering graphics, computer programming, robotics, instrumentation and controls. Graduates may be involved in applied design, analysis, application, or production of mechanical/thermo-fluid or robotics systems.

Graduates of the program are typically expected to work as technical members of the engineering team. They are applications-oriented, with a strong background of applied mathematics, including the concepts and applications of calculus. They are prepared to utilize applied science, technology, and applied design techniques to produce practical, workable and safe results quickly and economically. They are well grounded in the principles necessary to apply current engineering methods and design procedures to solve practical technical problems currently found in industry.

Use this link to understand the difference in career paths that engineering graduates have and engineering technology graduates have: Engineering Technology vs Engineering Degree Graduates.

The program includes areas in  mechanical and thermofluid systems, robotics and control systems. The curriculum creates a bridge between mechanical and thermofluid systems and electronics and control systems. The program is involved with the student organization, Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA). The electromechanical systems engineering technology program offers a number of scholarships through AEE and ASHRAE, and students may apply for grants based on financial need and/or academic achievement.