Electromechanical Engineering Technology

Electronic Systems Engineering Technology

Course Number and Title
File # and Date
ETE 102/102L D-C Circuit Analysis/Lab (3/1)
ETE 103/103L A-C Circuit Analysis/Lab (3/1)
ETE 204/204L Semiconductor Devices and Circuits/Lab (3/1)
ETE 210/210L Electrical Circuit Analysis/Lab (3/1)
ETE 230/230L Introduction to Digital Logic/Lab (3/1)
ETE 240/240L Microcomputer sys and Assembly Language Programming/Lab (3/1)
ETE 272/272L Electronic Manufacturing, PCB Fabrication/Lab (3/1)
ETE 305/305L Electronic Devices and Circuits/Lab (3/1)
ETE 310/310L Applied Network Analysis/ Lab (3/1)
ETE 315/315L Digital Logic Systems/Lab (3/1)
ETE 318/318L Linear Integrated Circuits/Lab (3/1)
ETE 344/344L Microcontroller Systems and Applications/Lab (3/1)
ETE 350/350L Feedback Systems Technology/Lab (3/1)
ETE 401/401L Technical Communications and Project Management for ET/Lab (3/1)
ETE 412/412L Introduction to Windows Programming/Lab (3/1)
ETE 414/414L Linear Amplifier Circuits/Laboratory (3/1)
ETE 420/420L Electronic Test Instrumentation with LabVIEW/Lab (3/1)
ETE 335/335L Communication Systems/Lab (3/1)
ETE 437/437L RF Measurements/Lab (3/1)
ETE 438/438L Microwave Techniques/Lab (3/1)
ETE 442/442L DataCommunications and Networking/Lab (3/1)
ETE 445/445L PC-based Microprocessor Systems/Lab (3/1)
ETE 446/446L Switching Circuits and Devices/Lab (3/1)
ETE 450/450L Digital Control Systems/Lab (3/1)
Service Courses

ETT 201/201L Electrical Technology/Lab (3/1)

ETT 215/215L C Programming for Technology/Lab (3/1)

ETT 321/321L Electronic Devices and Systems/Lab (3/1)

ETT 210 Applied Statics (3)

ETT 211 Applied Dynamics (3)

ETT 217 Materials Science for Engineering Technology (3)

ETT 220/220L Strength of Materials for Engineering Technology (3/1)