Jayson R Smith

Jayson R Smith

Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, College of Science

Current and Past Graduate Students

Coastal Ecology Lab

Current Graduate Students:


Sean Agler: The length recovery of coralline algal turf and turf communities in a southern California rocky intertidal ecosystem

Brett Claire Arre: Assessment of rocky intertidal communities of tropical Costa Rica and examination of the importance of herbivory and nutrients in driving community structure


Nicole Tronske: Restoration of the intertidal rockweed Silvetia compressa: Effects of transplant density on fitness and subcanopy recruitment and diversity

Larissa Fields: Project in development


Past Students:


Benjamin Lucas, 2015: An evaluation of management strategies to protect rocky intertidal species from the impacts of human activities


Lindsey Williamson, 2015: Effects of human visitation on shorebird abundance and foraging behaviorin rocky intertidal habitats of urbanized southern California


Parth Jhaveri, 2016: Evaluation of two outreach tools, an educator program and a mobile touch tank, in reducing visitor impacts in rocky intertidal ecosysyems


Lauren Briggs, 2017: The effects of ocean warming and acidification on seaweed growth and urchin grazing


Robin Fales, 2019: Distribution, local extinctions, long-term change, community dynamics, and demography of Pelvetiopsis californica (Phaeophyceae, Fucales)


Danielle McHaskell, 2019: Feeding rates of large, fast-growing, herbivorous sea hare, Aplysia vaccaria, on brown algae (Phaeophyceae) and exploration of seaweed chemical defense and nutritional content as drivers