Jayson R Smith

Jayson R Smith

Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, College of Science


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Peer-Reviewed Publications (students in italics)

  • Jhaveri, P. and JR Smith. 2019. Evaluation of two outreach tools, an educator program and a mobile touch tank, in reducing deleterious visitor activities in rocky intertidal ecosystems of southern California, USA. Ocean and Coastal Management. 178: 104821.
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Book Chapter:

  • Blanchette, C.A., Denny, M.W., Engle, J.M., Helmuth, B., Miller, L.P., Nielson, K.J., and Smith, J.R.2016. Intertidal Ecosystems: In Ecosystems of California, Mooney, H and E. Zavaleta (eds). UC Press.