Peter Arensburger

Peter Arensburger

Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, College of Science

Research description and Students Currently Working in the Lab

Research summary

The lab works describing and explaining DNA features of many genomes, most from arthropods. Of particular interest are transposable element, that make a up a significant percentage of most eukaryotic genomes (nearly 50% in humans). We run various software programs, some designed by us in the lab, to identify such sequences in the genome and try to explain the influence of these sequences on the host genome.

Students currently working in the lab

  • Tzupu Chen is an undergraduates student who joined the lab in Spring 2024. He is working on annontating the transposable element sequences of the long jawed orb-weaver spider.
  • Natalie Duong is an undergraduate who will join the lab in Fall 2024. Her project is not yet determined.
  • Parastou Youssefi is an undergraduate who will be working on mapping transposable element sequences to their host genome



A list of publications can be found here