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Honors Classes

About Honors Classes

Honors (H) classes are special sections of mostly General Education classes available only to Kellogg Honors College (KHC) students. H classes are limited to 20 students.
KHC students must complete a minimum number of H classes before graduation. The minimum is determined by how students joined the KHC and includes the Engaged Learning Experience project. There is no maximum limit on H classes. 

  • Freshman Admits: 7
  • Sophomore Admits: 5
  • Transfer Admits: 4

KHC students are advised to take a H class every semester, but it is not required.

Starting Spring 2024, honors class lists and Priority Registration instructions are available at on the KHC Canvas page.

Future Honors Course Offerings

List of future honors classes

Request Honors Classes

We need your feedback to plan honors (H) classes. Use this form to request future H classes.