Honors Classes

About Honors Classes

Honors (H) classes are special sections of mostly General Education classes available only to Kellogg Honors College (KHC) students. H classes are limited to 20 students.

KHC students must complete a minimum number of H classes before graduation. The minimum is determined by how students joined the KHC and includes the capstone project. There is no maximum limit on H classes. 

  • Freshman Admits: 7
  • Sophomore Admits: 5
  • Transfer Admits: 4

KHC students are advised to take a H class every semester, but it is not required.

Adding H Classes During Priority Registration

CPP permits KHC students to utilize Priority Registration in order to build a schedule around a H class. KHC students request Priority Registration using the form below. KHC students receiving Priority Registration from other CPP departments must use the form to reserve H class seats for Priority Registration.

H Class Times & Dates

H class dates and times are available on BroncoDirect and the Public Class Schedule website.

H classes on BroncoDirect and the Public Class Schedule that are not listed below are senior capstone projects. Those courses are not available to the general Kellogg Honors College community.

Spring 2022 H classes

Click on each class below to view descriptions and prerequisites.

Class Class Nbr GE Area Notes
AG 2050H / EWS 2050H 34849 F New GE Area F class; Fall 2021 freshmen only
ANT 3050H / AST 3050H 32404 B5
ANT 3500HS 33921 B5 or D4 Service learning class (S); Earns 1 CE credit
ANT 3600H 34902 C3 or D4
COM 2204H 34317 A1
ENG 2105H 30125 A3
IGE 1020H E
IGE 3300H C3
IME 4030H 32031 B5 or D4
PHL 2010H 34586 C2
PLS 2010H D2
TH 2080H 30885 C1