Learn Through Discovery
Uncharted horizons


Uncharted Horizons is the official podcast of the Learn Through Discovery Initiative - where the goal is that every student at Cal Poly Pomona will have at least one Signature Polytechnic Experience (PolyX) before graduation. PolyX are a hands-on approach to learning where students use their knowledge and skills to create a meaningful impact. PolyX almost always involve research, innovation, and service.

Season 1 of Uncharted Horizons (2019-2020) explores what research means for different disciplines and how students can get involved. Season 2 of Uncharted Horizons (2020-2021) explores innovation across the Cal Poly Pomona campus. Season 3 (coming 2021-2022) will explore community service.

Guests on the podcast include diverse members of the CPP community. Podcasts are released multiple times per semester in our monthly LTD Newsletter.

Episode 2

Dr. Shelton Murinda

Episode 1

Dr. Kate Ozment

Episode 8

Dr. Zahra Sotoudeh

Episode 7

Dr. Peter Arensburger

Episode 6

Jennette Ramirez

Episode 5

Janam Dave
Episode 4

Episode 4

Dr. Jessie Vallejo

Episode 3

Dr. Mary Yu Danico

Episode 2

Dr. Randy Stein

Episode 1

Julie Shen