Learn Through Discovery

LTD Explained

LTD Explained

The Learn Through Discovery (LTD) initiative endures every Cal Poly Pomona obtains at least one Signature Polytechnic Experience (PolyX) and can articulate it. The following infographic elaborates on LTD's vision and its source from CPP's strategic plan, how LTD will achieve this vision through PolyX, and the long-term outcomes for students who are engaged in PolyX.

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What is the Vision?

"Every CPP student obtains an inclusive polytechnic education by receiving and articulating at least one signature polytechnic experience (PolyX)."

CPP is renowned for its “learn by doing” philosophy. The Signature Polytechnic Experience, or PolyX, is the formalization of this philosophy, providing students with opportunities to develop creative and innovative solutions to positively impact the world. It is the vision of the LTD that by graduation, students will have participated in at least one PolyX and be able to articulate that experience.

Where did the vision come from?

CPP Strategic Plan: 8 Elements of an Inclusive Polytechnic Education

  • Application of Knowledge
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Creativity, Discovery, and Innovation
  • Diverse and Multi-disciplinary Perspectives
  • Integration of Technology
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Community and Global Engagement
  • Professional and Career Readiness

How will LTD achieve the vision?

PolyX in Action

  • PolyX Hub
    • PolyX In the Classroom
    • PolyX Outside the Classroom
  • PolyX Badging
  • PolyX Faculty & Staff Development

What are the results when the vision is achieved?

Student Success Outcomes

  • Degree Attainment
  • Career Achievement
  • Professional Education
  • Continuing Education
  • Life-long Learning