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Student Opportunities

Student Opportunities

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Projects Hatchery

The LTD Projects Hatchery is a PolyX that focuses on helping students discover their passion and create their impact. In the Hatchery students will turn a meaningful and innovative idea into a fully realized project. The Hatchery team will guide students through every phase of development, from conception to implementation to completion.

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PolyX FYE Showcase

First year students can engage in a Signature Polytechnic Experience (PolyX) in their FYE classes, presenting their PolyX at the PolyX FYE Showcase, held at the end of each Fall semester.

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PolyX Hub

Signature polytechnic experiences (PolyX) at Cal Poly Pomona promote students’ discovery of the opportunities and challenges within the field and the development of creative and innovative solutions to those conditions. Through collaborative learning and intense mentoring, PolyX engages students beyond the classroom and prepares them for professional and civic success.  

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