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Fall 2023 Newsletter

Newsletter Submission Guidelines


Did you recently hike the Himalayas, catch a 10-foot marlin or start a new career? How about a new hobby or endeavor? If you're proud of a personal achievements or newsworthy event in your life that you wish to share with fellow retired Pace Setters, email your "Keeping Pace" submissions for consideration in the next "P.S." newsletter.

Please keep submissions under 500 words. They should be of interest to fellow Pace Setters. Please include your full name, the year you retired and the department you retired from.


Families and friends are welcome to submit obituaries of retired Cal Poly Pomona faculty and staff. You can send a briefly written obituary (under 300 words) or a link to a newspaper story.


Photos to accompany your "Keeping Pace" or "In memoriam" submissions are accepted. They should be in a .jpeg format and under 5 MB.


What would you like to see in the next issue of "P.S."? Submit story ideas or suggestions for stories, columns or other news items.

Email your submissions to: Phil Rosenkrantz.