Office of the President

CSU Statement on Immigration

February 23, 2017

To the campus community,

In light of recent developments, the CSU Chancellor’s Office has provided guidance to the campus on behalf of the entire California State University system. Please see the enclosed attachment.

Any member of our Cal Poly Pomona community – students, faculty and staff – who may be approached on campus by federal, state or local officials asking for information or documentation regarding immigration status should immediately contact the University Police Department at (909) 869-3070. This line is available 24/7. The University Police Department will act as a liaison with those federal, state or local officials and coordinate with the CSU Office of General Counsel to provide guidance, references and resources as available.

Federal immigration policy is a complex issue, and the CSU is carefully examining these directives and reviewing their impact. As a university community, we remain committed to fulfilling our educational mission.

Chancellor White Memorandum - Immigration (PDF)

Soraya M. Coley