Office of the President

Welcome to Fall 2021

August 19, 2021

My Fellow Broncos:

Welcome to Fall 2021 and to the next chapter in the 83-year history of our university.

This week, I have been fortunate to experience the sights and sounds of our campus revitalizing in preparation for today — music playing outside the BSC, the clatter of moving carts as students arrive for move-in day, lawn mowers circling University Plaza, the whir of golf carts shuttling students, faculty and staff. Of course, these activities would be commonplace in just about any other time, but they feel so much more meaningful this year as we continue the safe and purposeful repopulation of our campus.

I cannot begin to express how much I have missed the collegiality and personal connections so fundamental to our university community. And while we continue to feature a breadth of in-person and virtual learning and working options, I must admit how gratified I am to see the hustle and bustle of campus life returning to Cal Poly Pomona. This fall will continue to be a transition period as we experiment with operations in a range of modes that allow us to assess new ways of delivering value for our students and the campus community. 

I offer a particularly heartfelt welcome to all our new students and to those who, due to the pandemic, already started their Cal Poly Pomona journey, yet haven’t enjoyed the broader campus experience. I want you to know that Cal Poly Pomona is fully committed to your success. Please take advantage of the full range of resources available and designed to make sure you reach your academic and professional goals. And to our entire Bronco community — faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends — welcome to this new year and thank you for making Cal Poly Pomona a truly distinctive and impactful institution.

Communities are built on shared responsibility, collective purpose and sincere empathy. Our Bronco community is such an example. Never before have we held more duty to watch out and care for each other. Please keep yourselves and our campus community safe by heeding all public health measures and being conscientious of your fellow Broncos. Wear your mask. Get vaccinated. Wash your hands. Please continue to monitor the latest health and safety information at our Safer Return Website. Diligence is key to ending the pandemic, and the opportunity to be together and engage with one another depends on all of us doing our part.

As we begin this new year, our shared vision of student success and academic excellence continues to push us to even greater heights. If you were unable to join during the premiere broadcast of my annual State of the University address at yesterday’s Convocation, I invite you to watch the video or read the full text at the Fall Conference 2021 website. I am filled with gratitude for your ingenuity and commitment and sincere optimism for our future. I will never cease to be amazed and inspired by the transformative work of our Bronco community, and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish this year.


Soraya M. Coley, Ph.D.