Office of the President

Land Acknowledgments and Respect for Our Native American Community

October 13, 2022

Dear Cal Poly Pomona Community:

As we approach Native American Heritage Month in November, it is important, among other things, to reaffirm our commitment to Land Acknowledgments, which recognize Indigenous Peoples who are the original stewards of the lands on which we now live and work.

Sadly, a flyer posted recently across campus falsely claims to be a proposed campus Land Acknowledgment Statement from the Office of the President. The contents of this false statement mock the meaning and intent of the Land Acknowledgement to the culture and values of our institution and have also caused distress among members of our community.

This incident has reinforced the importance and urgency of the work of our Presidential Advisory Committee on Native American Cultural Affiliation and Repatriation which, among its many priorities, will develop an official Land Acknowledgment for Cal Poly Pomona. Presently, different practices related to Land Acknowledgments are regularly featured in our campus events and programs. We recognize that through the work of the Presidential Advisory Committee and its consultation with the tribal partners in our region, we have the opportunity as a campus community to be deliberate and intentionally inclusive of the many tribes who have ties to the land on which we are now fortunate to carry out the mission of Cal Poly Pomona.

I urge you to join me in reaffirming our unwavering support and respect for our Native American students, faculty and staff.


Soraya M. Coley
Ph.D. President