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COVID-19 and Research Activities

October 2020 Update

Dear Campus Community:

To continue to combat the spread of COVID-19, the IACUC Office will be adhering to social distancing recommendations by limiting face-to-face contact and communicating primarily via email, phone or Zoom. We may also be dealing with reduced staffing or out-of-office work at times, and ask for patience during this period.

Please note that many of our IACUC committee members and staff have additional obligations during this period, which may result in a slowdown in review and processing time of protocols. To avoid delays and expirations, we highly encourage new submissions to be sent in sooner rather than later to allow for additional review time.

Please contact the IACUC Office with any questions or concerns. Currently, the best way to reach us is by emailing our group email at ( or ). 

As more information is available, we will share it with you. Up-to-date information relevant to Cal Poly Pomona can be found at the CPP Health Alert website. Questions on the response and preparedness of the University may be sent directly to As well additional information for safely returning to campus .


September 14, 2020 

 How to Communicate with the IACUC

Dear Research Community,

Below are some guidance information, should you have questions or concerns involving the use of covered animals.

  1. Principle Investigators should send their questions or concerns regarding unit training, animal health, husbandry or facility environment to the Unit Manager of the facility where their animals are housed or used.
    • Contact the Compliance Office for unit manager contacts 
  2. Principle Investigators should send their questions or concerns relating to CITI training, protocol application, approval or modification to the Compliance Office/IACUC administrator .
  3. Should Principle Investigators need assistance with training in a procedure or survival surgery involving research animals, they should contact the Attending Veterinarian 
  4. Unit Managers should inform the Attending Veterinarian and the IACUC Administrator/Compliance office ( , of any health related concerns or adverse events.
  5. The Attending Veterinarian will respond to the PI/Unit Managers with the appropriate corrective action with the assistance of the Compliance Office, if needed.

 CITI Training

CITI training is required for all Faculty, Staff and Students who are engaged in animal related activities. Completion of the required modules is necessary before a protocol or an amendment to add personnel can be approved.

Previously, many modules were grouped under “CPP introduction to animal care “101” for investigators (PIs, faculty, students).” In hopes to create a training program that is geared towards the specific needs of PIs and personnel while maintaining compliance with regulatory standards. 

Currently, all new PIs will need to complete the modules in the group labeled, “For the Principle Investigator,” as well as a separate group of modules for the specific species that will be used for their research (mice, rabbits, horse, etc.). “For the Principle Investigator” replaces “…animal care “101”...” as an introductory IACUC training course. All added personnel should take “For the Protocol Personnel (Faculty, Staff, Students)” as well as species specific training for the species they will be working with.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Compliance Office at or call x3713 or x4215