Office of Research, Innovation, and Economic Development

Start Here for Proposals

The Office of Research & Sponsored Programs - ORSP - Provides the Following Assistance with Extramural Funding

The following steps outline the grant process: 

The process of submitting a grant proposal

On our Funding Search webpage, you can find links to PIVOT and Grant Resource Center to aid in your search for funding opportunities.  

You can view a webinar on using PIVOT here.

Let ORSP know at least 30 days in advance of the submission deadline by filling out the form Intent to Submit form.*

However, if the number of proposals from an institution is limited, the deadline is 60 days.  Please see our policy on Limited Submission opportunities.

If you are unsure about your status as a PI, please consult the PI Policy.

*If you are submitting a subaward, you must alert ORSP 30 days prior to the Prime Institution's deadline for your documents.

ORSP will assign a team member to help you with your submission.  You are responsible for the technical portions of your proposal, and the team member will help you with items like the budget and compliance documents.

Your team member will help you obtain the necessary approvals for your proposal using our grant administration software called Cayuse.  At a minimum, we will request approvals from:

  • your Chair
  • your Dean
  • the Provost (or delegate)
  • the CPP Chief Financial Officer (or delegate)
  • the ORSP Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) 
  • others based upon your proposed work if it involves biohazards, etc

Additional approvals if applicable:

  • If your budget includes overload, you must obtain approval from your Dean and Chair.
  • If the sponsor does not allow for indirect costs, you must arrange to pay the 4.5% Foundation Administrative Fee on all grant expenditures.  Normally this fee is paid by the department/college.  Please fill out the Cost Share form complete with the accounts to pay the administrative fee.

In most cases, your ORSP team member will submit the proposal using sponsor portals.  However, there are some opportunities that require the PI to submit the proposal.  Your team member will work with you in these instances and indicate when you have approval to submit the proposal.

Should your proposal lead to an award, your ORSP team member will negotiate the terms and conditions of the award and assist with any budget modifications needed.  Once finalized, your team member will hand the award off to CPP Foundation for account processing.

Should you need to rebudget your award or request a no-cost extension, please contact the team member who assisted you and copy the ORSP Director and AVP for Research.