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Protocol Application Process

Initial Protocol Submission

At Cal Poly Pomona, faculty or staff are the Principal Investigator (PI) of his/her protocol. All PIs are responsible for completing the necessary documentation (eRASQ, protocol application, CITI training, other relevant training). The PI is also responsible for documentation for all personnel (staff or student) listed on their protocol.

Prior to using animals for research or teaching, the PI must:

1. Complete CITI training.

  • CITI is a leading provider of research education content. CITI training should be completed by PIs and all personnel listed on the protocol
  • CITI training is free for our campus community
  • Registration Registration tutorial
    • Register using you Bronco email and any password you choose.
    • Select California State Polytechnic University, Pomona as the institution
    • Provide you Bronco ID under "employee number"
  • Selecting Courses
    • select the group you must train as, as defined by the IACUC (ie. For the principle investigator or For the Protocol Personnel)
    • select the group relating to the species you will be working with (ie. When working with rats and mice)
  • You must complete all courses with a passing score of 80% to receive a certificate of completion
  • Certificate of completion should be provided to your Principle Investigator, Faculty Advisor or Professor
  • CITI training is valid for three years, at which point, the training should be repeated.
  • Should you have any questions, contact the Office of Research Compliance

2. Complete a Risk Assessment Screening Questionnaire (RASQ).

  • All individuals who will come in contact with animals on our campus are required to complete and submit this questionnaire which will be reviewed by EH&S.
  • The questionnaire must be submitted yearly
  • You will not be approved by the IACUC to handle animals if your eRASQ is not up to date and approved
  • For CPP unaffiliated personnel ONLY Risk Assessment Screening Questionnaire ("paper" version, MS Word document; for those unable to use eRASQ; submit to EH&S)
3. Complete Training in Specific Facility/Laboratory Practices
  • Animal Units on campus may have a unique training faculty, staff and students must complete inorder to use animals on the premises
    • Please contact the facility/animal unit manager for more information
  • All research/teaching personnel must display proficiency in the performance of the procedures described in each animal use protocol. 
    • For assistance in performing survival surgery or other procedures involving research animals, please contact the University Veterinarian
4. Fill out the Protocol Application Form
  • Below you will find the link to the protocol application. Please make sure you are using the latest version of the protocol application 
  • Please complete all section that pertain to your project and make sure you answer each question in full.
  • All sections that are left blank should be answered with N/A
  • IACUC Protocol Application Form 2020 (version January 2020)
  • Courtesy sample Application Form
5. Submit the Protocol Application Form to the electronic Protocol System (ePS)
  • ePS is a CPP internal website used by the IACUC to review, record and approve animal use protocols
  • Submit your protocol to ePS (Turtorial for submitting a protocol/Amendment)
  • If it is your first time submitting an application for the proposed use of animals, you will need to request access to ePS
  • Please contact the Compliance Office ( to request access and provide the following information;
  • Once you are granted access, you may sign on to the website using your Bronco ID and password
6. Fill out an electronic Signature Page through the PolyDoc Form
  • The purpose of the signature page is to ensure that PI's have done their due diligence in informing all protocol personnel of the proposed procedures and end points in the protocol application as well as documenting completion of training require by the IACUC
  • The link can also be found on the "Protocol Application Information Page" under "Available Protocol Actions" 
  • Instructions for the PolyDoc Form
  • Once the form is complete, it can be uploaded to your protocol on ePS
7. The Review Process begins
  • The Compliance Office and the IACUC Chair will receive notice of your submission and begin the review process


Amendment to Protocol

Amendments should be submitted after a protocol is approved. PIs are responsible for submitting the request to the IACUC prior to their implementation. Any change in the proposed animal use, protocol personnel (including students), animal unit, proposed species to be used, etc. requires an amendment.

  • Please review the tutorial for submitting a protocol/amendment
  • CITI training and eRASQs need to be complete by added personnel before approval
  • Please review the IACUC Protocol Amendment Policy
  • Annual Reports must be submitted every year that the protocol is valid. An email reminder is sent to the PI regarding their animal use status; the annual report submission link is included in that email.

Post Approval Monitoring (PAM)

After protocol Approval, the IACUC has an obligation to review all research and teaching protocols annually at the very least. Cal Poly Pomona IACUC's PAM program consist of the following;

  1. Annual reports submitted for valid protocols on ePS. An email reminder is sent to the PI.
  2. Semi-annual inspections of all campus facilities maintaining animals for research or teaching.
  3. A Survey dispersed to all PI's (currently under construction)

Additional Information: