Center for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (CEMaST)

About the Program

The Biology Learning Assistant (Bio-LA) Program is dedicated to helping biology students succeed and feel like they belong at Cal Poly and in the biology major. Bio-LAs help facilitate student learning in the classroom and serve as peer-tutors in their dedicated classrooms to build their training as future middle and high school biology teachers. 

LA Benefits:  
  • Gain experience with teaching and tutoring strategies 
  • Significantly reinforce your knowledge of biology  
  • Act as a mentor to newer biology students  
  • Paid positions!
Biology LA Responsibilities: 
  • Assist and help design in-class activities during lectures as needed by Biology faculty 
  • Help students in biology classes with homework and tutoring 
  • Attend preparation sessions each week with your assigned faculty member
  • Encouraged to enroll in a one unit course in Biology Pedagogy