Data Science Program

Data Science Hub

Data Science Program:

Leadership and Advising:

  • Dr. Lan Yang (lyang AT, Program Co-Director  
  • Dr. Tingting Chen (tingtingchen AT, Program Co-Director
  • Dr. John Korah (jkorah AT, Program Co-Director  (Data Science Minor Program Coordinator)

Data Science Faculty:

  • Dr. Tingting Chen
    • Research Interests: Big data security and privacy, health informatics and cybersecurity
    • Email: tingtingchen AT
  • Dr. Markus Eger
    • Research Interests: Machine Learning, data mining, artificial intelligence
    • Email: meger AT
  • Dr. Hao Ji
    • Research Interests: Big data analytics, large-scale linear algebra, and high-performance computing
    • Email: hji AT
  • Dr. John Korah
    • Research Interests: Parallel & distributed frameworks for big data analysis, computational social systems, and computational modeling & simulation
    • Email: jkorah AT
  • Dr. Ericsson Santana Marin
    • Research Interests: D ata mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, network science, social network analysis, cyber threat intelligence, and cybersecurity
    • Email: santanamarin AT
  • Dr. Salam Salloum
    • Research Interests: Algorithm design, database, fault-tolerant computing and systems, and information security
    • Email: ssalloum AT
  • Dr. Ben Steichen
    • Research Interests: Human-centered computing and personalized information access
    • Email: bsteichen AT
  • Dr. Yu Sun
    • Research Interests: Software engineering & model-driven engineering, cloud computing and distributed systems, mobile computing, augmented reality, and internet of things
    • Email: yusun AT
  • Dr. Lan Yang
    • Research Interests: Cloud computing and big data analytics
    • Email: lyang AT
  • Dr. Yunsheng Wang
    • Research Interests:  Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) with connected and autonomous vehicles, edge computing, and cybersecurity.
    • Email: yunshengwang AT