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Advising with Department Chair and Associate Department Chair

*Update 03/23/2020*

Due to COVID-19 and social distancing, Dr. Laura Chase, Department Chair, and Dr. Ken Hansen, Associate Department Chair, will be available through online advising via Zoom. Please send an email to in order to schedule an appointment. Once your appointment has been scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email containing a "Meeting ID#" in order to enter and begin your online chat on Zoom. We look forward to assisting all of your advising needs and we hope you have a positive advising experience! Stay safe and healthy!

If you need to speak with Nancy or Christyne, their information, including zoom information, can be found on the Contact Information page.


Office Hours as of June 2, 2021






Dr. Chase:
Dr. Chase:





Welcome to the Kinesiology and Health Promotion Department! You have chosen a great major that will lead you to an incredible career in a variety of settings. Our main goal is to facilitate a timely graduation for you while providing a quality education in the field of kinesiology and health promotion. Here's what to expect during your time with us:

  1. There are two bachelor's degree programs: General Option and Pedagogy. Under the General Option subplan, there are three emphases to choose from: Exercise Science, Health Promotion, and Sociocultural. Any non-KHP students who want to change their major in the Fall or Spring must attend a Change of Major Workshop prior to doing so. You must also meet the requirements to change to your desired major. Please see Change of Major/Adding a Minor FAQ for more information.


    External Change of Major Workshop: Fall 2021

    (any majors outside of KIN wanting to switch into KIN- General or Pedagogy)

    Date: Thursday, September 9, 2021

    Time: 12:00PM-1:00PM

    Room: Zoom Meeting ID 874-026-1549 Password: Change

    Note: Students will only be allowed to attend this meeting using their CPP email.

    *You must attend the above change of major meeting if you wish to change your major to Kinesiology.

    **If you are looking to switch into Pedagogy or are already in the KIN major and are looking to switch options, please contact Dr. Chase during her office hours.

  2. If you are an accepted Kinesiology Major student, you will meet one-on-one with an academic advisor from the College of Science Advising Center . You will create a Grad Plan and Individual Academic Plan (IAP) prior to your meeting so that an advisor can review it. After your Initial Advisory Meeting, you will be required to check-in with your advisor at least once a year (once a semester is best).
  3. You should join the KHP Club. The KHP Club is a great way to network and socialize with other KHP majors. Also, the KHP Club provides experiences for professional growth and development.
  4. If you are interested in Pre-Med information, please contact Ansel Zhao at


(Revised 2/1/2021)
Course# Q Equiv Course Title Prereq Units Sem
2020 201 Introduction to Kinesiology and Health Promotion 3 F/S
2050 New Applied Health & Well-Being (for KHP majors) 3 F/S
2070 207 Health and Well-Being (GE E) (for non-majors) 3 F/S
2200 New Pedagogical Principles of Kinesiology and Health Promotion 3 F/S
2220/A 204/A & 208/A Pedagogy Theory and Fieldwork/Activity 1/2 F
2290 209 Contemporary Issues in Kinesiology and Health Promotion 3 F/S
2460S/AS 206S/AS Introduction to Students with a Disability Service Learning/Activity 3/1 F
2700 370 Stress Management for Healthy Living (GE E) 3 F/S
2990/A/L 299/A/L Special Topic for Lower Divison Students (will be used as replacement courses) 1-3 F/S*
3010 301 Foundations of Exercise Science (GE B5) A, B1-B4 3 F/S
3030/L 303/L & 403/L Physiology of Exercise/Laboratory BIO 2350/L 3/1 F/S
3040/L 304/L Introduction to Biomechanics/Laboratory BIO 2340/L, STA 1200 & PHY 1020 or 1210/L 3/1 F/S
3210/A 251/A Teaching Outdoor and Adventure Education/Activity KIN 2220/A 1/2 S
3220/A 250/A, 252/A & 262/A Teaching Individual, Dual and Team Sports/Activity KIN 2220/A 1/2 F
3230/A 255/A Teaching Rhythms and Dance/Activity KIN 2220/A 1/1 S
3240/A 257/A Gymnastics, Self-Defense and Secondary PE and Fitness/Activity KIN 2220/A 1/1 F
3250/A 264/A Teaching Aquatics(Fall)/Activity(Spring) KIN 2220/A 1/1 F
3260/A 328/A Teaching Elementary Physical Education and Fitness/Activity KIN 2220/A 2/1 F/S
3410A 341/A Teaching Practicum UD Standing 1 F/S*
3500 310 Philosophical and Ethical Issues in Physical Education 3 S
3510 New Philosophical and Ethical Issues 3 F/S
3550/A 440 Physical Education Curriculum and Assessment/Activity KIN 3210/A- 3260/A 2/1 S
3620/A 312/A Motor Behavior/Activity KIN 3030/L 3/1 F/S
3650 365 Dimensions of the Aging Process 3 F/S
4000 400 Special Study for Upper Division Students (1-3) UD Standing 1-3 F/S*
4050S/AS 405S/AS Adapted Physical Education Fieldwork Service Learning/Activity KIN 2460S/AS 1/1 F/S
4080 408 Drugs and Society 3 F/S
4120/L 412/L Movement Anatomy and Kinesiology/Laboratory KIN 3040/L 3/1 F
4310AS 431AS Field Experiences with Students with Disabilities Service Learning KIN 2460S/AS Coreq - KIN 4330S or 4340 1 F/S
4320S 432S Behavior Intervention and Support Plans in APE Service Learning KIN 2460S/AS 3 F
4330S 433S Motor Assessment Policies and Procedures in APE Service Learning KIN 2460S/AS & STA 1200 3 S
4340 434 APE Program Development and Implementation KIN 2460S/AS 3 S
4360 436 Clinical Practice in Adapted Physical Education Permission of instructor 3 F/S*
4370 437 Adapted Physical Education Candidate Assessment Permission of instructor 1 F/S*
4400 441 School Health Education UD or Grad standing 3 F
4410 New Internship in Kinesiology UD or Grad standing 1-2 NA
4430 451 Inequality in Sport and Physical Activity (GE D4) A, D1-D3 3 F/S
4440 New Sport and Film (GE D3) 3 F/S
4450 210 & 450 Social and Historical Perspectives in Kinesiology 3 F
4490 449 Sport and Culture (GE D3) 3 F/S
4500/L 470/L Electrocardiography in Health and Exercise(Fall and Spring)/Laboratory(Spring) KIN 3030/L 2/1 S
4510/A 453 Exercise Prescription and Fitness Testing/Activity KIN 3030/L 3/1 S
4520/A New Injury Prevention and Emergency Care/Activity 2/1 N/A
4530 455 Sports Medicine KIN 3030/L 3 F
4540 456 Exercise Bioenergetics and Metabolism KIN 3030/L 3 F
4550/L New Principles of Strength and Conditioning/Laboratory KIN 3030/L 3/1 S
4610 461 & 462 Senior Project(KIN 4000 will be used in place of KIN 4610) Senior Standing 3 F/S
4620 463 Senior Seminar for Pedagogical Kinesiology Senior Standing 3 S
4650/A 479/A & 480/A Health Promotion Program Planning/Activity Senior Standing 3/1 S
4990/A/L 499/L/A Special Topic for Upper Divison Students (will be used as replacement courses) 1-3 F/S*
*Offered only as needed
Kinesiology and Health Promotion Core
Pedagogical Kinesiology Option Courses
Adapted Physical Education Specialization Courses
Pedagogical Kinesiology Option and General Option Elective
General Option Core
General Option Electives
General Education Courses


KHP Semester Conversion

All Options:

  • KIN 425/A will no longer be offered in semesters.  Please take before Fall 2018.
  • If you have started a GE sub-area, make sure to complete the lower-division portion before Fall 2018 (A1-A3 or B1-B4 or C1-C3 or D1-D3)

Exercise Science or Health Promotion:

  • Finish both KIN 303/L & KIN 403/L before Fall 218, or take KIN 3030/L in semesters.
  • Start either CHM 121/L or PHY 121/L series in Fall 2017, or wait until Fall 2018. 
  • Exercise Science: Take KIN 430/L & KIN 458/L before Fall 2018, if at all possible.   These Courses will not be offered in semesters .
  • Heath Promotion: Take KIN 205/A, KIN 380, KIN 458/L, and KIN 459 before Fall 2018, if at all possible. These courses will not be offered in semesters .
  • Finish both KIN 479/A & KIN 480/A before Fall 2018, or take KIN 4650/A in semesters.
  • Take KIN 210 and KIN 450, or take KIN 4450 in semesters.
  • Take KIN 204/A & KIN 208/A in quarters, or take KIN 2220/A in semesters.
  • Take KIN 250/A, Kin 252/A, and Kin 262/A in quarters, or take KIN 3220/A in semesters.
  • Take KIN 205/A, KIN 253/A, KIN 256/A, KIN 420, and KIN 430/L before Fall 2018, if at all possible.   These courses will not be offered in semesters .
  • Take GED 400 before Fall 2018, if at all possible. This course will not be offered in semesters.
  • Taking the above courses will ensure that you are subject no matter competent.
  • Elective APE courses will still be offered in semesters.


We're excited to have you join us and hope that your experiences with KHP will be rewarding.
We look forward to seeing you at Commencement!

The Kinesiology and Health Promotion Department is a member of the
American Kinesiology Association.

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