College of Science

Graduate Program

Graduate Program

Master's of Science in Kinesiology: Admission Criteria

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan

There are three tracks from which to choose:

Research interests of graduate faculty include: muscle damage, bone density and physical activity, cardiovascular risk factors and screening, exercise immunology, muscular performance, physical activity and aging, muscle function, biomechanics of locomotion, exercise and stress response.

Exercise Physiology

The Exercise Physiology Option incorporates coursework that entails applied laboratory experiences, standard lecture and seminar components. The program is designed to offer students a strong foundation in exercise science that will empower them to be successful in clinical, educational and fitness fields. The program also prepares students for more-advanced education in exercise physiology. In addition to exercise science coursework, students may also incorporate courses in biochemistry, nutrition and biology in their program. All students complete a master's thesis project as a culminating experience.

Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum and Instruction serve students and teachers who are involved in public and private education. In addition to maximizing teacher effectiveness, this area benefits education supervisors and those who are interested in becoming master teacher through ideas, strategies, and skills in teaching and developing assessment concepts.

Adapted Physical Education

Adapted Physical Education offers students an opportunity to obtain the master's degree and have the option of adding the Adapted Physical Added Authorization onto an existing teaching credential. Graduate courses are designed to ensure that students have opportunities to examine education evidenced- based practices and research to guide their Adapted Physical Education program decisions. In addition, students observe, experience and study a variety of theories and methodologies employed in teaching physical education to individuals with a disabilities. The program is offered by the Department of Kinesiology and Health Promotion through the College of Science. The on campus Motor Development Clinic provides graduate students with research and training opportunities.

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