Student Accounting & Cashiering Services

Understanding Your Student Account

You may access your student account through BroncoDirect by going to the Account Inquiry link in your Student Center under Finances.   The account information includes five separate pages:

Account Summary

Lists charges, payments, pending financial aid and total due and shows any balance due to the university.

Account Activity

Lists all the transactions posted to the student account over a fixed period of time and includes charges, payments and financial aid refunds. The detailed breakdown supports the totals in the account summary.

Charges Due

Lists all outstanding charges and deposits that have been incurred to date and includes a summary, details by due date and details of charges.


Lists all payments posted to the account, including financial aid and scholarship disbursements.

Pending Financial Aid

Lists pending or anticipated aid that has NOT yet been posted/disbursed to the account.  Pending financial aid amounts can be viewed by all terms or by specific terms.


Your payments must be received by the due dates to prevent a hold being placed on your account. 

  • A hold will prevent you from registering for courses and can only be released when fees are paid.
  • Your account may also be subject to collection action if the bill has been outstanding for 90 days or longer. 
  • Additional penalties may be assessed and/or your account will be referred to a collection agency.

If you would like to view a tutorial please go to:
        Understanding Your Student Account (PDF)