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Mentoring Opportunities

Achieve Scholars

Designed to help students in all majors in the areas of research readiness, mentorship, and academic success through the help of dedicated faculty advising and peer mentoring.

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The BASES program builds a community of support for Black/African American student scholars by providing financial, academic, and mentoring resources.

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Cal-Bridge creates opportunities for historically underrepresented to participate and advance in STEM fields including physics, astronomy, computer science, and computer engineering, to increase their numbers in PhD programs.

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McNair Scholars Program

The Cal Poly Pomona McNair Scholars Program prepares eligible undergraduate students for PhD programs by promoting student success through undergraduate research, faculty mentorship, and a series of skill building workshops. The program aims to increase the number of first-generation, low-income and/or underrepresented students in PhD programs.

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MEP students have access to Academic Advising, Industry Events, Peer Mentoring, Scholarships, Supplemental Instruction, Tutoring, Workshops. College of Science majors are welcome to attend their tutoring.

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SEES (Science Educational Enhancement Services)

In order to help students succeed in their majors and in their careers, SEES has a series of opportunities within the program that help students progress and excel. SEES provides opportunities for establishing a community, professional development, mentoring, academic and financial support.

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Student Innovation Idea Labs

The iLab has also evolved into a space for students to work on class projects, attend workshops and seminars as well as work on their startup or creative projects.

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Department Specific Tutoring

Biological Sciences

Physics & Astronomy

Computer Science (MS Word doc)

Homework Help & Learning Assistant Program



Homework Help Pizza Hour

The Physics Department offers weekly homework help with free pizza during the week. Check out the tutoring schedule.

Physics Homework Help & Pizza

Learning Assistant Program

The Biology Learning Assistant (Bio-LA) Program is dedicated to helping biology students succeed and feel like they belong at Cal Poly and in the biology major. Bio-LAs help facilitate student learning in the classroom and serve as peer-tutors in their dedicated classrooms to build their training as future middle and high school biology teachers.