Transportation Services

Commute Choices

Carpool - Share the Ride, Bronco Pride!  This mode is the easiest and most common way to commute to Cal Poly Pomona.  Finding a carpool partner can be quick and easy with help from the Rideshare office.  If you share the ride, you can drive in the carpool lane, earn Bronco Bucks, and get preferred parking.  Also, you may qualify for incentives if you carpool with your children.  

Vanpool – Let someone else do the driving.  Cal PolyPomona vanpools hold 7-12 people who share the commute to the campus.  Vanpools set their own route, operating schedule, and pick-up/ drop-off location.  Fares are determined by the number of passengers riding in the van, the monthly mileage, and fuel charges.  Drivers may also qualify for a free fare. All vanpool riders must complete a Passenger Agreement or Driver Agreement from the Rideshare Office before they ride the van.

Foundation and ASI employees are eligible to ride vanpools.  Students are not eligible for the vanpool program.  Contact the Rideshare office for available seats on vanpools. 
Bicycle or Walk – Riding your bike or walking to work is a great way to exercise.  There are a number of bicycle racks located throughout the campus.  Bike maps, repair kits, and a bicycle pump are available from the Rideshare office.  Shower facilities and temporary lockers are available from Athletics in Building 43.
Ride the Train – Metrolink is a great way to commute to the campus.    Reimbursements up to $100 a month are paid to rideshare participants who ride the train. 

Ride the Metrolink Connect Shuttle - The Metrolink Connect shuttle can bring you from the Pomona North Metrolink Station to Cal Poly Pomona.  This service is free to all Cal Poly Pomona Faculty, Staff, and Students, including I-Poly Students.

Ride the Bus – Take Foothill Transit or Metro to the campus. Reimbursements up to $80 a month are paid to rideshare participants who ride the bus.  Bus stops are located a the south end of the campus with an easy connection to the Bronco Express shuttle.