Transportation Services

Riding the Bus

Riding the bus to the campus is simple.  Foothill Transit buses make convenient stops at the corner of Temple Avenue and South Campus Drive.  From there, you can walk or ride the Bronco Express to the main part of the campus.

You can use the Foothill Transit trip planner software to assist you on-line with schedules and fares.  All you have to do is enter the location you are leaving from and the final destination, then enter the departure and arrival time for your trip.  Once that information is entered, a trip itinerary will appear.  

View the Foothill Transit Trip Planner

Foothill Transit Schedules

For schedules or information, please contact Foothill Transit: 1-800-743-3463

Foothill Transit Bus Routes to Cal Poly Pomona
Route 190  click here for schedule 190
Route 194  click here for schedule 194
Route 195  click here for schedule 195
Route 289  click here for schedule 289
Route 480  click here for schedule 480
Route 482  click here for schedule 482
Route 486  click here for schedule 486

Transit Information