Location and Housing - cookie cutter houses
Campus Freeway Map, Faculty and Staff Housing, Communities, Nearby Communities, Counties, California
Banking and Financing - ATM machine being used
Cal Poly Federal Credit Union, Bank of America, Chase, Schools First Credit Union, US Bank, Wells Fargo
Family - mom, dad, daughter, son, and dog
Parenting, Local Pet Care and Veterinary Clinics
Transportation - showing the view of trains and tall building near Union Station in Los Angeles
DMV, Rideshare Program, Foothill Bus routes, Metro Bus and Rail Routes, Metrolink Stations, Campus Walking Trail Maps, Bicycling, Airports
health and wellness - two hikers walking a trail
On-Campus Gyms, Local Gyms, Hiking Trails, Hospitals and Medical Clinics
Higher Education - graduation caps raised
Nearby Universities, Community Colleges

Live Your Life

Cal Poly Pomona is in the heart of Southern California, surrounded by cities and neighborhoods to fit virtually any budget or lifestyle. You will find vibrant, diverse communities rich in culture and history — downtown districts, suburbs, and even semi-rural enclaves. High-quality medical care options abound, as do excellent school districts. If you want to explore the area but leave your car in the garage, you can take a bike, train or bus — and if you want to get your steps in, the campus is the perfect location.

Location and Housing -  colorful homes on a pretty neighborhood

Location and Housing

Family Section - mom, dad, daughter, son, and dog
Health and Wellness - two hikers walking a trail

Health and Wellness

Banking and Financing - ATM being used
Univisities Section - railways and trains with the view of the tall building near Union Station in Downtown L.A.
Universities Section - graduates raising their caps with tassels

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