Customer Insights Lab

Customer Insights Lab

Customer Insights Lab at a Glance

Student Success

1 Refereed Peer-Reviewed Journal Publication
1 Honorable Mention for the Best Conference Paper Award
3 Students accepted into Ph.D. programs
8 Refereed Professional Conference Proceedings
11 Refereed Professional Conference Presentations
2 Recipients of California State University Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program (CDIP)
1Research Recognition” Award
1 Winner of Student Research Competition, Marketing Research Association
1 Second-place in the Case Study Competition, Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group 
1 Second-place winner at CSU Student Research Competition
4 Winning teams/projects at Student RSCA Competition
2 Project teams accepted into the Learn-Through Discovery (LTD) Program, receiving $16,000
10 Student Travel Grants, totaling +$10,000
21 Refereed Student Conference Presentations
37 Independent Studies

Service to University Community

50+ Internships provided 
16+ Research Talks (research colloquium) hosted/sponsored since 2012
5+ Workshops provided since 2012
134 Data Collections (200-300 participants per each) since 2014
1000+ Student Passive Research Participants per year
112 Researchers (faculty and student project leaders) registered since 2014
600+ Users in Qualtrics since 2016
2,000+ New Surveys Created in Qualtrics Since 2016
47,000+ Responses Collected in Qualtrics since 2016

Outreach to Business Community

7  Business-to-Business Consulting Projects with students
3  Business-to-Consumer Consulting Projects with students
$20,000+ Donations from businesses
50+ Guest speakers since 2014

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