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CCIDM Virtual Workshops

Upcoming Workshops:

We will be hosting more workshops in the future, stay tuned for updates! In the meantime, watch our latest SQL workshop!

Past Workshops:

Data Analytics

Introduction to SQL for Data Science

Create a Dynamic Survey with Qualtrics

Create an Analytics Report Directly from R

Machine Learning with Tidymodels: Dr. Carsten Lange

R Workshop #6: Data Visualization with R

R Workshop #5: R Programming

R Workshop #4: Data Manipulation with Tidyverse

R Workshop #3: Data Input and Output

R Workshop #2: R Data Types

R Workshop #1: Introduction to R

Digital Marketing

Techniques for Effective Web Development

Google Analytics for Generating Customer Insights

Soft Skill Development

Effective Presentation Skills for Competitions and Conferences

Supplementary Resources

Installing R and RStudio

Linking Github with RStudio