About PIE

carlee dennis

Partners in Education (PIE) is a coalition of academic and community leaders dedicated to advocating for quality education and educational development at Cal Poly Pomona and surrounding communities.

Each year, PIE provides fellowships of up to $5,000 each to support students during their clinical practice experience, a very important component of the credential program. Since 2006, the group has awarded more than 160 fellowships to teacher candidates.

PIE has supported various projects including: 

• A partnership between the Pomona Public Library and the University’s Service Learning Center for a Homework Center at the library for local K-12 students
• Sponsorship of the Department of Education Credential Celebration
• Formation of the Educational Alumni Group to target teacher credential alumni and host professional development workshops for K-12 educators
• Sponsor a Future Teacher program, which has provided over 160 fellowships to teacher candidates 

Through continued partnership with community and academic partners, PIE looks forward to continuing the advancement of education in Southern California.