College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Event Calendar

Fall 2014

Weglyn Lecture Series: Social Justice and Identity Politics

October 28

Panel Speakers: Phil Yu and Dan Mathews

Spring 2014

Asian Americans in Higher Education

April 29

Panel Speakers: Doris Ching, Anna Gonzalez, Henry Gee, Bob Suzuki

Asian American Literature

April 29

Panel Speakers: Gary Pak, Andrew Lam

Women in Motion: Border exchanges at the intersections of home and diaspora, the global and the local, urban and rural

April 18

Panel Speakers: Fatima Sadiqi

Winter 2014

Asian American in Film, Food, and Marketing

March 4

Panel Speakers: Shilpa Dave, Robert Ku, Bill Imada

Indigenity in Motion: Impact of and Response to Globalization by Indigenous Communities in the Americas, North Africa, and Pacific Islands.

February 26

Panel Speakers: Fatima Sadiqi

Day of Remembrance: Commemorating the Japanese American Internment

February 18

Panel Speakers: Dr. Franklin Odo, Dr. Cathy Schlund-Vials, Dr. Steven Shiematsu