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Interactive Online Program

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The 7th Student RSCA Conference will be held on the 1st of March, 2019 in the University Library and Bronco Student Center. A PDF version of the program will be available after the event.

Welcome to the 7th Annual Student RSCA Conference!

Dr. Winny Dong Today, for your pleasure, we have included not only research that takes place on campus, but creative activities as well. While research, STEM, and the social sciences provide us with the understanding of how our world works, creative activities and the humanities provide us with the understanding of how we interpret and understand the world around us.

Thank you for joining us in this celebration of the wide-ranging creative activities, research, and scholarship that showcase the Learning-by-Doing philosophy of Cal Poly Pomona. We would like to congratulate the students and their mentors for the work that is being presented here today. And thank you to all of the participants, including faculty moderators, judges, administrators, staff, alumni, and student volunteers who have made this event possible.

It is the goal of the Office of Undergraduate Research to highlight student creative activities, research, and scholarship and to provide them with opportunities to share their work with the campus and broader community. The work being presented here today is the finest work by faculty and staff in preparing our students to become tomorrow’s problem solvers, entrepreneurs, leaders, teachers, artists, and scholars.

It is our privilege and pleasure to host and present the 7 th Annual Student Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities Conference to the Cal Poly Pomona community, and we look forward to the many conferences that are to come.


Dr. Winny Dong
Director, Office of Undergraduate Research