Environmental Health and Safety

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EH&S is responsible for planning, implementing, and administering the University Environmental Health and Safety Program and for providing technical consultation, training, and inspection to ultimately ensure compliance with established laws. Compliance with these laws will provide an environmentally safe place to work, study, and/or visit for faculty, staff, students, and visitors. The safety of the environment and people is our number one priority and goal.


Heat Advisory

With warmer temperatures comes the need to ensure awareness of the Heat Illness Prevention Program and the requirements for working safely in warmer climates. Visit our Heat Illness site for up to date weather data, safety checklists, calculation worksheets and more. EH&S offers online Heat Illness training for all employees on Skillsoft using the following link.


Safety Training Available

Ready to catch up on safety training? If you have a busy schedule this quarter and the scheduled sessions don't work for you, nearly all safety courses are offered online through SkillSoft.

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Food Permits

Don't forget to allow at least two weeks to get your food permits approved, especially if you are intending to serve food from an Off-Campus restaurant or caterer. Make sure you get all the required documentation to ensure that your food permit can be approved well before your event is scheduled. Need more information, check out our Food Permit page or Contact Us for more information or questions.

Food Permits

Got Ants?

With warmer temperatures approaching, so are the trails of ants that seek out moisture and sources of food and sugar. An easy way to protect yourself is to maintain a clean work environment especially in eating areas by taking simple steps like emptying trash and wiping down surfaces. Avoid using ant spray whenever possible or lightly spray areas at the end of the day to allow the spray to dissipate over the evening hours.

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