Division of Administrative Affairs



Employee and Organizational Development and Advancement (EODA)

EODA is committed to recruiting, retaining and developing the most talented, productive and engaged employees for Cal Poly Pomona.

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Facilities Planning & Management (FPM)

Facilities Planning & Management (FPM) serves as the lead organization for planning, developing and maintaining the campus' natural and built environments in support of the University's mission.

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Finance & Administrative Services (FAS)

Finance & Administrative Services (FAS) is a service organization and a strategic partner with all units of the University.  Our responsibilities include maintaining the University's fiscal integrity; to provide financial reports and analysis as required; to safeguard the assets of the University; to deliver fiscal information; and to provide support to the logistical and administrative resources to the campus community. 

HR Customer Service Center

HR Operations, Emergency Management & Business Continuity

HR Operations is responsible for payroll and benefits management, employee/labor relations, employee data maintenance, and also includes emergency management, and business continuity planning.

HR Operations (HRO):

Emergency Management (EM) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP):

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Strategic Enterprise Risk Management (SERM)

Strategic Enterprise Risk Management develops, evaluates and coordinates programs and services for the university in the areas of strategic enterprise risk management, environmental health and safety and the University's insurance program.  The department is responsible for the design and implementation of a sustainable and recurring process to identify, assess and manage, to the greatest extent possible, risk to the University.

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University Police

The University Police Department (UPD) is a full-service, sworn police agency that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round.  The department provides law enforcement, emergency response, conducts criminal investigations, offers crime prevention and educational programs, support for special events and a range of other services.

Procurement and Support Services

Procurement and Support Services is authorized by the CSU Board of Trustees to oversee the purchasing of all goods and services required by the university.  All purchasing activities are centralized under the immediate supervision of the Director of Procurement and will be conducted in compliance with the State of California statutory codes, regulations, and in accordance with the interpretations of law as specified by Chancellor’s Office legal counsel.