Specialty Items

Specialty Items

100% Pure, CPP Apiary Honey & Raw Creamed Honey
Wildflower Honey (self-serve) $8.49/lb or
16oz jar (wildflower, avocado, and orange blossom) $12.99 ea

Creamed Honey in 12oz jar (plain, ground cinnamon, and premium chocolate) $12.99 ea
About the Cal Poly Pomona Apiary.

CPP Craft-Brewed Beer 22oz bottle $6.69 ea + CRV

Grind your own Peanut Butter
Honey roasted peanuts $5.99/lb

Grind your own Almond Butter
Raw, Unsalted Almonds $10.99/lb

100% Pure, Local Honey
Wildflower Honey $5.99/lb

Fresh Fruit Gift Packs & Custom Baskets
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