Summer at CPP

Financial Aid

Graduate on time! Save money! Get better grades! 
Get in Gear! Take 30 A Year!

Students who plan to enroll in 30 units across an entire academic year – including summer – stay on track to graduate in 2 years (for transfer) or 4 years (for freshmen).

Attending summer is a great way to make up units, make up a class you may have dropped, or just get ahead in your course work and complete your degree!  Financial aid can help offset the costs of taking classes during the summer.

The summer semester at CPP is considered the last term of the academic year. Your eligibility will be based off of your 2018-2019 FAFSA or DREAM application, and your aid options will typically consist of any aid you did not use during the academic year.

Visit the Summer 2019 Financial Aid website here.