Summer at CPP

Summer Session FAQs


All classes being offered in the three summer sessions will be offered fully online. There will be no in person classes held at CPP during the summer.

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For specific questions about Summer Session, email

Visit the housing website for more information.

For more information on parking, visit the Parking website or email:

Despite the closure of the Library building, the University Library wants to remind students that many of the Library's resources and services are still available from off-campus. This includes article databases, ebooks, and 24/7 online reference chat service.

Subject librarians are also available for scheduled online consultations. If you have any questions, please call (909) 869-3075 or email


Visit the Foundation Dining website for more information.


You should talk to your department chair. All departments are going to be collecting information about which classes should be offered this summer. They will be exchanging information about service and GE courses offered by other departments.


Registration is exactly the same for current Cal Poly Pomona students. Current students can register and pay fees through Bronco Direct. New and visiting students must contact the College of Extended University and register through Open University.


Summer fees do vary from other semesters and there is a cost savings potential in Summer depending on the types of courses and/or the number of units you are taking.  Please contact your advisor to discuss. You can also visit the student accounting & cashiering website for information. 


The  Graduate  Business  Professional  fee  is  only  approved  for  state-supported  MBA  courses and won’t be charged for summer sessions.

The refund policy for summer session is different than for other academic terms. For more information, please see the Cal Poly Pomona Summer Session Payments & Refunds page.

Summer classes are self-supported.  The state is not providing any funding for the faculty salaries or the other costs of running a course in summer.  Independent Study classes require significant extra fees because the faculty salary needs to be supported by a very small number of students.  The basic tuition fees for lecture and seminar classes do not cover the additional costs of other course types.

Yes, there is a payment plan for summer, please visit for more details and to set up an account. There are also several ways to pay for Summer, please visit Payment Options page at for more details.

Financial Aid

It may be possible to adjust your financial aid disbursements to help cover summer session costs. Students should speak to their financial aid counselor to determine eligibility. There are financial aid options available, please contact the Financial Aid Office.