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Summer Course Schedule

Summer 2014 Course Schedule

Cal Poly Pomona will offer classes in two 5-week sessions and one 10-week session through the College of the Extended University.

  • Ten-Week Session (OU Session): June 23 - August 28
  • First Five-Week Session (OU1 Session): June 23 - July 24
  • Second Five-Week Session (OU2 Session): July 30 - September 3

The Summer 2014 course schedule is currently being developed and is subject to change throughout the registration period and until the first day of classes.  All classes will be offered as Open University sessions. Open University classes have class section numbers that start with an “E” (e.g., E01).

Students should register as early as possible as classes may be added or cancelled without notice based on student demand. 

Note:  For information related to the "Early Start" program, refer to the Early Start website.

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