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President's Message

President's Office - Soraya M. Coley is the president of Cal Poly Pomona.

Every time I look across the Cal Poly Pomona campus, I feel a surge of pride. This is a special place, one of the crown jewels in the California State University system. I am excited, honored and privileged to lead this institution. 

Our learn-by-doing approach sets us apart and allows our graduates to make an immediate impact in their careers. More important, the educational experiences that we provide allow our students to grow and develop, and, in turn, give back to their families and help improve their communities. 

This is the power of education, augmented by your philanthropy. Many of our students are the first in their families to attend college. A scholarship of any amount not only eases their financial burden, but also offers a vote of confidence about their future. It is a message from your heart, encouraging them to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams. 

In the coming months, the university community will come together to lay out our goals and objectives for the future. Student success, which is at the core of our mission, will benefit directly from our visioning process. Our partnerships with corporations and foundations, as well as the contributions we receive from alumni and friends, will be a critical component of the strategic plan. As this plan continues to take shape, I hope to communicate our progress and share the pivotal roles we hope you will continue to play. 

Thank you for your support of Cal Poly Pomona. You have truly made a difference in bettering the lives of our students and enhancing the academic quality of our programs. I am proud to represent this university and honored to call you friends. 

Soraya M. Coley