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Our Mission

To provide financial assistance to students and families in support of reaching their academic goals.

The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships 

We are here to assist you with obtaining the finances you need to complete the degree you set out to achieve. We trust this website will provide you with the information necessary to navigate through the financial aid process. What you put into your educational experience is what you will get out of it. Together, let’s take the time to invest in your future! Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about any information listed. Remember, you are our reason for being here!

We've Moved!

The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships is in the new student services building: Building 121, 1st Floor

Summer Financial Aid Updates Available!

SF Financial Hold (expand/collapse)

For students who still owe a balance, the Student Accounting and Cashiering Office has placed an SF Financial hold for non-payment. This hold will prevent you from registering for Summer semester classes until the amount owed has been paid off. Below is financial aid’s role in regards to this hold and your responsibility as a student. 

  1. If your financial aid has already disbursed in full, or you are not a financial aid recipient, you are responsible for paying this balance to avoid delays in registering for Summer semester.
  2. If your pending financial aid has disbursed prior to your Summer semester registration date, and it is not enough to cover the balance you owe, you are responsible for paying the balance before you can register for Summer semester.
  3. If your financial aid has not disbursed but is posted to your account, or all items from your to-do list have been cleared and you are waiting for an award to post, you should follow up with our office 3-5 days prior to your enrollment date to get the status of your award.

Cross Enrollment (expand/collapse)

Effective Fall 2018 semester, our office will no longer process Cross Enrollment forms.  In order to combine units from another institution to the enrolled units at Cal Poly Pomona, Consortium Agreements are required.  Cal Poly Pomona has not entered into any Consortium Agreements with other institutions and as such, we are unable to accept or process these forms.  If you are enrolled in the official CSU Cross Enrollment process administered through the Chancellor’s Office, we are able to process those units to combine them with current enrollment for financial aid purposes.   

If You Are Enrolled in Fewer Than 12 Units: Spring  (expand/collapse)

If you are a current student enrolled in fewer than 12 units for Spring 2018, your award may be affected! Our office began manually reducing and disbursing Pell Grants and Cal Grants based on your total units on Feb. 20, 2019. To see how your award may be affected visit our Units Required page.

It's Not Too Late to Apply for Financial Aid  (expand/collapse)

A financial aid application has to be on file for students to be awarded loans, scholarships and grants. Completing the application is free, quick, and easy! Priority awards will be granted to students who applied prior to the March 2 deadline, but financial aid is still an option.

If You'd like to Reinstate a Canceled or Reduced Stafford Loan