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Meet Our Weglyn Student Interns for 2013-2014

Kendall Ota

Kendall Ota

KENDALL OTA is a fourth-year student who will be graduating in spring 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology.  Upon graduating, he plans to further his education by pursuing a PhD as he believes graduate school would provide him with the breadth of knowledge and experience to be engaged in critical discusison of relevant social issues and be an effective community leader. Kendall looks forward to his second year of working with the Weglyn in its effort to promote social justice across marginalized communities. He believes this work is important because it has the power to inform students who may not otherwise have exposure to these issues.


“It is through this work with the Weglyn that I have come to understand the importance of accessing the voices of those who have faced prejudice and discrimination. I hope to continue fostering my academic vocabulary and leadership skills in order to better serve these underrepresented communities”


Kendall is a member of Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honor Society, a student mentor in the Psychology/Sociology Department’s peer mentoring program, and was recognized as a Cal Poly Pomona President’s Council Scholar 2014-2015.

Sekani Robinson

Sekani Robinson

Sekani Robinson is currently a psychology major, however will soon be switching as a sociology major. She plans to pursue a PhD after she graduates in June 2016. She is working as an intern for the Weglyn Institute.


“Working as a Weglyn intern is a great learning experience to build networks. Also, I would like to get more involved with the issues of social justice and diversity through out our community and I hope to get more students informed and involved as well.”


Sekani Robinson is currently doing research with Dr. Mary Yu Danico, as her advisor. Her research focuses on how cheerleading effects girls’ of color with their self-esteem and academics. She is a Peer Mentor, and a class council representative for the Psychology and Sociology departments ACCESS club. She is also the historian for “Shades of Queens”, which is a club that focuses on social issues within the community for women of color. Sekani Robinson is also a McNair Scholar and an EOP student.

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