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Managing Your Copyrights

Acceptable Use Policy

Copyright ownership requires no formal registration. One automatically owns the rights to the things one creates, unless one is governed by rules such as those covering "works done for hire." Cal Poly Pomona staff work is considered work done "for hire." Faculty keep their rights under the collective bargaining agreement.

All Cal Poly Pomona faculty, staff, and students are expected to adhere to the campus acceptable use policy for information technology. When using works copyrighted by others, one must obtain permission when the proposed use goes beyond Fair Use and TEACH Act exemptions.


Copyright registration is not a condition of copyright protection.

Formally registering copyright as a public record will help you, however, if you end up prosecuting infringements of your copyright.  

Licensing your work

One may retain copyrights when submitting work for publication, without sacrificing your ability to publish, by modifying contracts with publishers.

Many publishers will all allow you to make your materials available as Open Access. Open access can increase the impact of your work . The more you share, the more you’re cited.