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HRS Internship Testimonials

“The most important thing I have gained from this experience is to always keep your eyes and ears open and never stop learning. I thought I knew plenty of what there is to know about human resources from my experience, but from this Internship, I learned that one can never stop improving, learning, and seeking knowledge.”

-Benefits & Employment Intern, Summer 2014


“I learned how to properly create a training manual and make sure it is in compliance with CalOSHA. Having the understanding of the necessary steps it takes to create a training program was a great experience. It has taught me that in order to implement a manual or program it must get approval and it can take weeks if not months of research. I learned how to find information online and the importance of using the most updated information. “

-EH&S and Benefits Intern, Fall 2014


“The most important things I have gained are my new knowledge on lab, and a variety of other safety practices. These skills can be implemented in almost any workplace. I have also gained confidence in my ability to take a seemingly daunting task and see it through from start to finish. The people in this office have also been very kind and forthcoming with valuable information that I will keep with me from this point on.” 

-EH&S College of Science Intern, Fall 2012


“I have to say getting firsthand experience in HR has been amazing and has provided me the opportunity to see what kind of environment I could be potentially working in. I also found it highly beneficial working with those who have a strong background in HR that way I have the ability to ask questions and get a good insight on what to expect in the future.”  

-Customer Service Center Intern, Winter 2015       


“The most important thing I can say I have gained from this experience is truly understanding the importance of the entire Human Resources function, and how they are all tied together. It is one thing to read about it in books, but completely different when you put it into a real world environment.”

-EH&S Intern, Fall 2014