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HR Actions

The information contained on this webpage is a guideline for the individual preparing the HR action request to be submitted to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs for approval. 


Below is a list of the most common types of recruitments.  Click on the links for details of each recruitment and the required documentation.

Please consult with Human Resources, Mahiha Choudhury, Employment, Compensation & Classification Analyst, at ext. 4528 or prior to initiating this type of request.

A staff employee may request a pay plan change to either a 10/12, 11/12, or 12/12 pay plan, subject to their management line’s approval, based on operational needs of the university.

*If you are seeking a temporary pay plan change, see the Employment Services – Pay Plan Programs webpage.

To initiate the request:

  • The employee must submit a signed memorandum to their HEERA Manager requesting to change their pay plan. 
  • Manager must submit a signed memorandum to the vice president, approving or denying the request.
  • Contact the Benefits department at ext. 3734 and the Payroll department at ext. 5097 to inquire if this pay plan change will affect any of your benefit accruals and pay.

In a 10/12 or 11/12 pay plan, you work for 10 months (10/12) or 11 months (11/12) and your pay for the 10 or 11 months you work is paid evenly, along with existing health benefits, over the 12-month period.

Your pay is calculated using a formula that takes your current monthly salary and multiplies it by 10 (for 10/12) or 11 (for 11/12) and then divides that total by 12 months.

Example:  A salary of $4,000 per month, changing to a 10/12 full-time position would yield a monthly gross salary of $3,333 ($4,000 x 10/12 = $3,333).  This spreads your salary for your 10 months worked over a 12-month period and you receive a paycheck for each month, including your month(s) off.

The arrangement can vary, except that a schedule shall not provide for a period of time in non-work status that requires advance payment of salary.  Therefore, you must work 5 months prior to taking one-month off, or work at least 10 months prior to taking two-months off. 

The following are 10/12 examples meeting this timing requirement without you having to work the full 10-months before your two-month period of non-work:

  • 6-1:4-1:  work 6 months, 1 month off, work 4 months, 1 month off
  • 7-1:3-1:  work 7 months, 1 month off, work 3 months, 1 month off

The month(s) you designate as your period in non-work status must be approved by your HEERA manager and are subject to change based on operational needs of the university. 

Human Resources Guidelines for Staff/Managment Employment and Compensation Action Chart-lists the minimum approvals for employment and compensation actions (Updated January 2017)

Approval Delegations for Staff and Management Employment & Compensation Actions (E&CAs)

For questions regarding the completion of documents to be submitted to the Provost's office for approval, please contact John Rodriguez at ext. 2075 or

For questions regarding recruitment, please contact John Gungon, Employment Coordinator, at ext. 3160 or

For questions regarding reclassifications, reassignments or pay plan changes, please contact Madiha Choudhury, Employment, Compensation & Classification Analyst, at ext. 4528 or

For questions regarding temporary recruitments, in-range progressions, stipends and critical skills bonuses, please contact Rachna Vermani, Employment & Compensation, at ext. 2267 or