Accessible Technology

Accessible Documents

Creating Accessible Digital Content

Creating equally effective access to information and communication for documents, social media and instructional materials is integral to an inclusive Cal Poly Pomona community for people with and without disabilities.

Equally Effective Means:

  • Comparable in quality for persons with disabilities as to those received by persons without disabilities
  • Comparable in timeliness of delivery and availability
  • Deliver in a manner and medium appropriate to the significance of the message and the abilities of the person receiving the material
  • Deliver Universal Design for Learning

Core Principles to Creating Accessible Materials

The core principles to creating accessibility is the same across formats - document, PDF, social media, web page, etc. While the core principles are the same, the individual steps will vary depending upon the tool used and the final published format.

  • Use headings
  • Use lists
  • Add alternative text for images/graphics
  • Identify document language
  • Use tables wisely
  • Understand how to export from one format to another

Resources for Creating Accessible Documents

CAFE's Creating Accessible Courses web page is a great resource for accessibility term definitions, tutorials, and resources for creating and checking the accessibility of course and web page materials. Format tutorials include Word, PowerPoint, PDF, and Websites.

For creating accessible materials using other tools, explore the left side navigation to access resources. Tools referenced include email, forms, tables, Flash and Microsoft Excel.