Accessible Technology

Accessible Technology for Daily Learning, Working & Living

Engaging Students with Accessible Technology

Make a difference by creating accessible materials to meet the functional and cultural needs of our community members.

When you are in the middle of a project and get a call, you are thankful for caller ID. At a bar or loud venue, the captions enable you to know what the people on the TV screen are saying. Can't decide what to order on the menu until a picture of a certain food on the menu convinces you. These might seem like conveniences of daily technology but this is really fruition of the effort to make technology accessible for those with disabilities. Providing accessibility in the academic environment can bring about greater positive impact on our learning the same way it has enriched our daily lives.

Surface Pro 4Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is more than equal access to information; it is equal access to learning. Providing students of all learning styles a way to control the method of accessing information. Above are a real life examples of inclusivity. Think of ways to make your club website, class presentations, and any other projects accessible and you will be rewarded with knowing you are enriching the experience for all.

Take action - explore the links to web and accessible documents on the left side navigation to begin creating accessible social media, websites, slide presentations and digital material.

We have a shared responsibility to create an inclusive and accessible community for all of our members.