Access & Disability Alliance

Diversity Champions


Each year our Cal Poly Pomona affinity groups recognize individuals who have been a champion for diversity issues or efforts within our campus community at the annual Unity Luncheon. AdA Diversity Champions are students, staff or faculty who have demonstrated a commitment to increasing disability awareness and to promoting access and equity for individuals with disabilities throughout the Cal Poly Pomona campus community in one or more of the following ways:

  • Has taken a visible role in reducing physical, virtual, or perceived barriers and stigma associated with disability.
  • Has contributed to curriculum development, instruction, or educational programming aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge of issues regarding disability.

2020 Campus Diversity Champions

AdA Faculty/Staff Diversity Champion: DR. BETH FOSTER

Dr. Foster, the Assistant Professor of Adapted Physical Education, teaches within the College of Science. Dr. Foster is also the Motor Development Clinic Director and an active member of the AdA Affinity group. Within her role she tirelessly promotes equity for education and life for all people with disabilities on and off campus. She also actively encourages physical fitness for all, both in her professional and personal life. Not only is she the coordinator of the Adapted Physical Education program, but she is an advocate for disabilities within sports, and she volunteers hundreds of hours a year hosting and working disability sport events. Dr. Foster is an Ability Ally, a Safezone faculty member and an overall Diversity Champion. As an AdA member, she has served as Committee Chair and taken the lead on coordinating and promoting multiple Disability Pride Events on campus. This year, she is coordinating the movie night, Remove the R Word event and is in the process of developing the wheelchair obstacle course activity. She is also the co-Director of a federal grant that assist in alleviating teacher shortages and prepares high quality teachers for Adapted PE or Special Education. If you cannot find her in the Motor Development Clinic working with the students, she may also be found at the pool teaching swimming lessons to K-12 students and adults with disabilities. Teaching CPP students about the experiences of people with disabilities and preparing them to work within the disability community is a passion of hers, and she is committed to fostering inclusion and breaking down the stereotypes within the disability community through instruction and dialogue. Beth also handles the AdA Affinity groups finances as the group's treasurer. Each year, Dr. Foster teaches an introduction to students with disabilities course and brings in people with various disabilities to come and share their experiences and answer any questions students may have. Beth is also active nationally with sports for people with disabilities as the Camp Abilities PA@WCU Assistant Director. Dr. Foster's commitment to cultivating a positive experience for all people within disability community is unparalleled and she is a strong asset to Cal Poly Pomona. Therefore, she has been named as one of our Diversity Champions for 2020. Thank you, Dr. Foster, for all your hard work and contributions. Please join me in congratulating Dr. Foster for being our 2020 Faculty Diversity Champion!

AdA Student Diversity Champion: ZANE LANDIN

Zane is a communication major, specializing in Public Relations and has been described as having a passionate, social justice, "let's do" attitude. Zane actively promotes the awareness and knowledge of issues regarding the disability community here at Cal Poly Pomona. He is continuously working to reduce the barriers that students with disabilities face on the campus, and he contributes his time and efforts to destigmatizing the community. He is an active member of the AdA Affinity group, running the social media accounts, participating on the AdA scholarship committee, and contributing heavily to the United with Differences event to ensure its continuation on campus. Zane has taken the Ability Ally Training in 2016 and is currently doing research on mental health. Additionally, Zane has also co-chaired the Unity Luncheon and has interned at Access Services, a transportation company for people with disabilities. Overall, Zane is passionate about helping the community and harnesses his resources in any way he can to support the community. He is constantly seeking new ways to learn and share his knowledge regarding the experiences of people with disabilities, and for this we would like to honor him as one of our 2020 Diversity Champions. Thank you, Zane, for your contributions and all your hard work. Please join me in congratulating Zane for being our 2020 Student Diversity Champion!

Past Recipients

2019 - Paul Choi (student), Bo Choi (staff)

2018 - Cesia Ortiz (student); Adam Navarro (staff)

2017 - Mathew Rondney (student); Dr. Shayda Kafai (faculty)

2016 - Alfredo Cortez Valle (student); Dr. Joanne Van Boxtel (faculty)

2015 - Renee Estephan (student); Cathy Schmitt Whitaker (staff)

2014 - Doron Feuer (student); Lea Manske (staff)

2013 - Micheal Lemus Diaz (student); Debbie Jackley (staff)

2012 - Paul Brooks (student); Chad Bowman (staff)

2011 - Kimberly Fuentes (student); Dawn Finley (staff)

2010 - No Unity Luncheon

2009 - Bronco Athletic Association (student group); Sonia Campos (staff)