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Agricultural Biology Club

About This Club

Agricultural Biology Club

The Agricultural Biology Club provides students the opportunity to learn and gain hands-on experiences with regards to every facet of agricultural ecology and its relationship to natural ecosystems, biodiversity, and natural resource conservation both on and off the farm. We are interested in the complex interactions between: crop health and nutritional value, animal health and wellbeing, water conservation, soil conservation and restoration, biodiversity, beneficial insect populations, wildlife habitat conservation and restoration, native plant restoration, weed and invasive species mitigation, agricultural and environmental engineering and technology, farm worker health and safety, food justice, amongst others.

The club provides learning and experiential opportunities through the following means: guest speakers, volunteer opportunities in ecological restoration and environmental cleanup, field trips to farms and agricultural organizations, hiking expeditions in ecological preserves and national forests, overnight camping trips in ecological preserves and national forests, and attendance of national and international research and environmental conferences. The club strives to provide all of these experiences at no cost to active members and officers. We strive to provide transportation to all off-campus events and field trips. We also make it a goal to always provide food at our meetings and events both on and off campus. Finally, active members who volunteer more than 40 hours per academic year with the club also have the opportunity to participate in a 2-week long field trip to a tropical rainforest (examples of previous trip locations: Costa Rica, Thailand, China, etc.).

If you have any interest in the scientific and experiential exploration of ecosystem conservation or restoration, animal welfare, biodiversity, regenerative or sustainable agriculture, or a related topic, you belong here. Search ‘Agricultural Biology Club’ on myBar and join! Please be sure to check us out on Facebook and Instagram as well under Agricultural Biology Club at Cal Poly Pomona and cppagbioclub, respectively.


2019 - 2020 Officers & More

President: Samantha Lizarraga
Vice President: Daryl Mixon
Treasurer: Elena DeLa Torre
Scheduler: Jessica Sustaita 
Secretary: Navin Basnet
Ag Council Representative: Katherine Tovar
Advisor: Eileen Cullen
Club Email: cppagbioclub@gmail.com 
Meeting Date/Time/Location: Every other Tuesday (U-hour 12:00-1:00pm) Building 2, Room 126
Club Majors: ALL MAJORS are welcome 
Club Events & Activities: Pumpkin Festival, Insect Fair, Ag Field Day, etc.
Annual Trips/Travel: Costa Rica, Thailand, China, research conferences, farms, agricultural organizations, national forests, etc.
Community Service Projects: Environmental cleanup and restoration, tree planting, farm trips, etc.
Club Goals: Provide opportunities for scientific and experiential exploration of ever facet of agricultural and natural ecology
Mission: Establish and support systems of agricultural production that are regenerative and restorative.
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