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International Viscera Cooler Club (IVCC)

About the Club

The IVCC club provides hands on learning opportunities through the fabrication of various meat products and visits to conferences and other meat facilities.


Club majors: Open to all majors (common majors- Animal Science, Ag Science, Agribusiness)
Number of members:
Club Events & Activities: Ice Cream Social, Pumpkin Festival, Spring Fling
Annual Trips/Travel: NAMA, CAMP, Sysco Food Show, other meat processing facilities (such as In-n-Out and Oscar Mayer)
Community Service Projects: Ag beautification
General Information: The club routinely participates in collegiate meat competitions and networks with industry.
History of Club: Dormant for about 30 years until re-chartered in 2010
Club Goals: Gain education and experience in the food processing (meat) industry.
Mission: The club strives to explore the vast opportunities available in the post-harvest industry.
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