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Children's Garden

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Children's Garden
Connecting children to healthy foods

Learning about healthy, tasty foods that can be grown at home is an important part of nutrition education. The Children’s Garden at Cal Poly Pomona is designed to allow kids to ‘Learn by Doing’ as they experience first-hand how plants grow through fun and interactive demonstrations. Field trips offer innovative ways for students to create a home garden even if you only have room for a few pots and containers. Children that learn at a young age the value of working the soil, planting seeds, and harvesting a great tasting tomato are much more likely to try other fresh vegetables at home.

Although there will be live demonstrations during scheduled group Field Trips, the public is invited to walk through, during specific hours, for a self-guided tour with QR codes to scan for fun and interactive learning activities and videos. You can also click on the links below to access the activities. Check the calendar for hours of operation before coming to the farm.  For the latest updates, follow us on Facebook or Join Our Email List.

The Children’s Garden Outreach Program is looking for donors interested in helping to provide funds to assist schools in sending their students to one of our field trips. Of special interest is to serve children in underprivileged areas who would otherwise be unable to visit. Email us to find out more. If you are interested in supporting our outreach efforts at Discovery Farm, we welcome donations at any level.


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