Black Thriving Initiative

Phases of the Initiative

Phases of the Initiative


Cycle of Action Graphic

A Cycle of Action

As an institution, we must develop specific actions and strategies that align with our multi-year approach. In order to be successful, the work must be continuous.


Phase One
Build Capacity and Consciousness
Strategy One: Prioritize truth telling & racial healing
Strategy Two: Increase campus awareness, cultural humility, and critical consciousness
Strategy Three: Invest in a sustainable infrastructure and develop campus-wide accountability metrics


Phase Two
Leverage the Mission
Strategy: Institutional policy and procedural review through a racial and gender equity lens


Phase Three
Engage and Re-Engage Black Communities
Strategy: Divisional and area-specific action plans and recommendations


Phase Four
Transform the Culture
Strategy One: Identifiable measures of success
Strategy Two: Sustainability, ongoing education, and future accountability