Analytics and Marketing Insights Club

AMIC E-Board Positions and Responsibilities


The office of the President must uphold the mission and vision of the organization and strive to achieve the goals by working closely with the members and the faculty advisor(s). The president holds executive decision-making power for direction of the club in consultation with the faculty advisor(s) when there is no clear agreement among the Executive Board. Responsibilities include oversight of the entire club and all officers as designated, creating overarching plan for the club, ensuring fulfillment of vision for long term success, designating and adapting its purpose, developing all functions of the club to capacity, ensuring the professional and personal development for all executive leaders and club members, leading meetings, organizing pipeline of events and planning of them, networking with companies in order to obtain corporate sponsorship and open doors that will benefit the Analytics and Marketing insights Club (as well as the sponsoring corporation), and focusing on exposure to alumni and corporations. The Club president ensures that everyone works together to fulfill the mission of the organization. The president casts deciding votes when necessary. Shall take administrative action over executive board members and ensure that the actions are performed correctly and punctually.

Vice President

The Vice President of Operations shall work in conjunction with the President in executing and delegating any tasks assigned by the President. The VP of Operations serves as oversight of all technical operations and functions necessary in the fulfillment of the executive vision of the club. Responsibilities include organization of all events and serves as direct report for all functions within the club, and as secretary. The Vice President shall take thorough notes at all analytics and marketing insights meetings (including ideas and potential events discussed) and disperse that information via email to the club members. The Vice President of Operations shall be responsible for all special events and, but not limited to, fulfilling any duties left vacant by an officer. The Vice President of Operations shall fulfill all Presidential duties in case of the absence of the president.

Director of Finance

Authorized to monitor all Insights Club funds, make deposits, track fundraisers, complete all budget requests, keep an accurate record of all club funding, and provide receipts to business services. Responsible for all financial matters regarding club functions, maintenance of budget and strict adherence to it, monitoring of financial increases from events, dues and ASI funding. The VP of Finance carries executive signage powers for the account under the direction of the president. In addition, any collateral duties related to Finance as required.

Director of Marketing

Working closely with the Director of Creative Design, The Director of Marketing serves as director of all marketing functions and strategy and is responsible for developing and implementing the strategy, tactics, and programs to create awareness, interest, desire, demand, and recognition for the Club.

Director of Creative Design

Working closely with the Director of Marketing, the Director of Creative Design ensures the successful branding and image creation and maintenance of the club and its events. The Director of Creative Design leads the efforts of graphic design and printing.

Director of Campus Community Engagement

The Director of Campus Community Engagement oversees the development of the communications plans for the Club’s campus community, working with the Director of Professional Community Engagement to promote, enhance, and protect the organization's brand reputation. The Director shall be responsible for communicating events to the club’s current members and potential members as well as faculty and staff using emails and designated social media (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). In addition, the director will represent the club to all UBSS functions for the assigned term. The Director will organize a scrapbook to tell the club’s story for the semester. The scrapbooks will consist of a collection of items such as pictures and news clippings about the club and its members. Making the scrapbook meaningful to current and future members.

Director of Professional Community Engagement

The Director of Professional Community Engagement will be responsible for the Club’s varied and integrated communications targeted at the business community, using appropriate tools such as newsletters and LinkedIn, as well as managing the Club’s reputation online. The Director of Professional Engagement will work closely with the Director of Campus Community Engagement in the development of Cal Poly Pomona Analytics and Marketing Insights Club’s communication strategy and will contribute to the strategic planning process.

Director of Fundraising

The Director of Fundraising’s main responsibilities lie in organizing and orchestrating the club’s fundraisers. This shall be done by networking and research, which will sell the organization and its cause to potential donors.

Director of Membership, Recruitment, and Professional Development

The Director of Membership, Recruitment, and Professional Development shall recruit new members, as well as manage existing members. The director will also collect membership dues, issues free membership to Insights Association, and acts as the major officer of contact for inquiries from the members and prospective members about professional development. Responsibilities include, but not limited to, classroom visits, generating leads, cultivating prospective members, developing, and updating member database, and checking attendance.

Director of Data Science

The Director of Data Science shall be responsible for curating and reviewing all Data science related presentations, as well as maintaining club posts related to analyzing datasets that are pertinent to the club/contemporary life. The Director of Data science shall also be responsible for ensuring the club has a strong and consistent focus on the analytics part of the club and consistently educate members on data visualization and reporting. The Director of Data science will be responsible for creating interesting material for the club and be an integral part in helping the club transition to being more project orientated.

Director of Web Development and Analytics

The Director of Web Development and Analytics will be responsible for maintaining our website with all relevant club information including but not limited to calendar, E-board members, Mission statements, By-laws, and any new pages we will add as a result to our transition to a project based club.

Director of Archive and Database Marketing

The Director of Archive and Database Marketing shall oversee the Analytics and Marketing Insights Club’s efforts to systematically organize all the documents and databases where information will be stored about the club's operation as well as contact information of current members, alumni, professionals, guest speakers, faculty, etc. The director shall be responsible for facilitating organization and integrity of the google drive as club’s archive and working with all the officers, especially the President, the Director of Campus Community Engagement, and the Director of Membership, Recruitment, and Professional Development to help create an optimized system for record-keeping and efficient utilization of the databases of the constituencies.